A month after 1.1.0, Prometheus 1.2.0 is out. Let's look at the changes.

This is the smallest release in a while. There's only one PromQL change, the minute() function was added. It returns the minute of the current time or the given UNIX timestamp.

Discovery for Google Compute Engine (GCE) has finally been merged, and the state of EC2 instances is now also available to relabelling.

It's now permitted to have any valid label value as a job_name. This was always possible via relabelling, and can now be done directly. For your sanity, I'd advise keeping to letters, numbers and underscores.

There were a number of changes related to the experimental remote write support, allowing samples to be sent to another system as they come in to Prometheus. The protocol was changed, local storage can be disabled, the config is now via to the config file, auth is now supported, and relabelling was also added.

As always, for a full list of user-impacting changes see the release notes.


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