It has been five weeks since 0.18.0 was released, and 0.19.0 is now out. Let's have a look.


There are two major changes to PromQL in this release. The first is the addition of the ignoring modifier for binary operations. This is similar to on however it ignores the listed labels instead of only using them.

The advantage of ignoring is that you don't need to know every label that you might have applied across a job, allowing for expressions, alerts and dashboards to be shared between organisations with different label taxonomies.

The second change is breaking. The semantics of one-to-many binary operations with group_left and group_right are now different. Previously labels listed in the group_ clause were copied from the many side. Now all labels are taken from the many side, and the labels in the group_ clause copied from the one side.  The unittest updates show the changes required to existing expressions, and previous posts covers how to use group_left. This change enabled PromQL to handle certain one-to-many operations that weren't possible before.

Other Changes

There are two new service discovery methods, Azure and Kubernetes Pods.

The majority of other changes were related to internal cleanups and improvements, and the new build system.

For the full list of changes, see the release notes.