Today let's look at how to integrate HipChat with the Prometheus Alertmanager.

HipChat setup

First we need to configure a Build Your Own integration for the room.


From the web app, go to the room and click "Configure Integrations":


Next click "Build your own integration":


Give it a name, and click "Create":


With the integration created, note the room id, and the auth token:

Alertmanager setup

Let's download, configure and run an Alertmanger:

ROOM_ID=XXXX            # Substitute in your room id here.
AUTH_TOKEN=XXXXXXXXXXX  # Substitute in your auth token here.
tar -xzf alertmanager-0.8.0.linux-amd64.tar.gz
cd alertmanager-*

cat <<EOF > alertmanager.yml
 group_by: [cluster]
 # If an alert isn't caught by a route, send it to hipchat.
 receiver: team-hipchat
  # Send severity=hipchat alerts to hipchat.
  - match:
      severity: hipchat
    receiver: team-hipchat

- name: team-hipchat
  - room_id: $ROOM_ID
    auth_token: $AUTH_TOKEN
./alertmanager &

That's all now setup, and you'll see firing alerts in HipChat: