Wouldn't it be nice to have arbitrary locations on the Worldmap panel?

In the previous post we looked at using the Worldmap panel with the pre-set countries and US states. If you wanted locations beyond that you can provide them via a single JSON endpoint, however there is also a way to have the location come from the time series themselves. The geohash location data option is targeted at data from Elasticsearch, but is also usable for Prometheus.

A geohash is a way of representing a 2-d rectangle based on longitude and latitude. There are websites online where you can pick them off a map or convert from other formats.

Once you have your geohash you can put it in a metric, Dublin for example would be:

a_metric{geohash="gc7x",place="Dublin"} 4

From there you can edit your Worldmap panel in Grafana, on the Metrics tab setting the query to a_metric, Format as to Table, and enabling Instant Query. On the Worldmap tab, set Location Data to geohash, ES Metric Field must be set to Value, our geohash is in the geohash label so set ES geo_point Field to geohash, and here the label of the location is in the place label, so set ES Location Name Field to place:

The end result would look like:

You could use this for example to have each of your datacenters report a metric with its location, federate that metric to a global Prometheus, and use that for a global dashboard. As Prometheus does not have any understanding of geohashes, any aggregation across different geohashes would need to be done before the metric was exposed.


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