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December 7, 2020

Choosing your pushgateway grouping key

What does and doesn't make a good grouping key?

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July 6, 2020

Creating Alertmanager Silences from Python

We recently looked at creating silences from the command line, what about from programs?

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February 25, 2019

Monthly reporting with Prometheus and Python

It's common to want reports from Prometheus, such as how many requests failed over an entire month.

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December 10, 2018

Checking OpenMetrics output is valid

The Python client can be used to check if a given metrics output is valid OpenMetrics format.

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August 13, 2018

Why predeclare metrics?

The standard way to use metrics in Prometheus is to declare them at file level, before using them. Why?

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July 10, 2017

How to unit test Prometheus instrumentation

If you've determined a metric should be tested, how do you go about that?

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May 8, 2017

Productive Prometheus Python Parsing

Prometheus client libraries don't just export metrics in our format, they can parse that format too.

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February 27, 2017

Label Lookups and the Child

The Prometheus client library guidelines recommend having a Child be returned via labels(). Why?

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January 2, 2017

Memory usage of Prometheus client libraries

A common question around Prometheus client libraries is how much RAM they'll use on a busy process. There tends to be disbelief when we say it's the same as an inactive server. Let's look deeper.

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October 31, 2016

Prometheus query results as CSV

The default JSON output isn't always what you want when querying Prometheus. Let's see how to get out CSV files.

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