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November 4, 2015

Unlimited costs, Limited revenue

This week Microsoft removed unlimited storage from their OneDrive offering, because surprise surprise people were using it as unlimited storage. Does your product have features that cost you time and money, without your users paying accordingly?

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October 8, 2015

Monitoring: Not Just For Outages

It's common to think of monitoring as something just to alert you when things are going wrong.  At Robust Perception we believe in Inclusive Monitoring, where all aspects of systems are monitored and available to provide insight and drive decisions.

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September 14, 2015

Do you know your peak-to-mean ratio?

Traffic from users to your servers isn't a steady stream, it waxes and wanes over the day and week. The peak-to-mean ratio is your primary tool to avoid outages or unnecessary costs due to this.

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August 23, 2015

There are 100,000 Seconds in a Day

Just after you've launched is not the best time to find out that you can't handle the load you predicted, or that running costs are much higher than you'd like. By estimating the operational parameters of your system as you design you can gain confidence that the system will work as you expect.

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