After many months of work, Prometheus: Up&Running is now available for purchase!

The book guides you through Prometheus, from high level design, to instrumentation, configuration, querying, and management. It weighs in at 386 pages in total, and what some quick shell scripting indicates is about 100k words.

There's been talk of a Prometheus book for quite a while, and work finally began in late December and from there it took 61 days to write the main content. After that it was tweaks and fixes, waiting for reviewers, and incorporating their feedback.

The animal is a tawny eagle, which is appropriate given the legends relating to the Greek titan Prometheus.

Thank you to O'Reilly, my reviewers, the Prometheus developers, and the broader Prometheus community for their help in making this happen.


Want to learn more about Prometheus? I hear there's a book.