After 1.6.0 back in April, Prometheus 1.7.0 is now out. Let's look at what has changed.

Service discovery for OpenStack has been added. Kubernetes SD now supports only listing certain namespaces, which is needed for those whose permissions don't allow them to list all namespaces.

There have been some UI changes. The expression browser will now show gaps where there are gaps in the data, rather than a straight line between the surrounding points. The configuration file is now remarshalled rather than returning the raw file, avoiding some corner cases where secrets could be unintentionally exposed. There's more system information printed at startup, which will make user support a bit easier.

For those playing with remote read and write, beware that the framing of the format has changed slightly. It was discovered that what we thought worked in all languages was in fact specific to the Snappy Go library, so we removed framing so it works in other languages too. The remote storage examples have been updated accordingly. This is a good time to mention that the reason we consider remote read/write experimental is not because we're unsure if it's going to become a full feature. Rather it's so that as we discover better ways to do things that require making a breaking change, that we can do so without violating the Prometheus 1.0 stability guarantees.

There's also a number of bug fixes and other changes, see the release notes for more detail.


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