Conor Broderick

Conor Broderick

Black(box) Friday

While eager consumers flock to retailers both online and in-store for big savings during the infamous day after Thanksgiving known as Black Friday, one must wonder the cost incurred by companies accommodating both the crowds swarming their store floors and the increase in traffic from online shoppers. In this blogpost we used Prometheus and the

Nagios NRPE Prometheus Exporter

Switching to Prometheus for monitoring but still have older Nagios checks you’re not quite ready to let go of just yet? Now you can monitor and alert on Nagios checks with the nrpe_exporter!

A Silence is a Snooze

Have you ever wondered what exactly that “Silence” button on each of your alerts in the Alertmanager actually does? Perhaps you have an idea but are unsure of their correct usage or value. In this post I aim to clear up any confusion surrounding the silencing of alerts, so you can make the most of